CJ Allen Launches Official Site

August 14, 2023

Athlete Studio

Check out the newly launched official online store of CJ Allen, the linebacker for the Georgia Bulldogs! Athlete Studio brings you an e-commerce store filled with a fantastic selection of merchandise and apparel. From stylish hats to trendy t-shirts and cozy sweatshirts, you'll find CJ Allen's personalized branding and designs on every item. 

Thanks to CJ Allen's collaboration with the Athlete Studio team, they have created something truly special that embodies CJ Allen's personality and athletic ability. With collegiate athletes beginning to tap into more and more NIL deals, CJ Allen has decided to seize this opportunity and build his presence off the field.

This exciting launch is a treat for CJ Allen's fans and Bulldogs supporters alike. With a wide range of unique pieces to choose from, there's something for everyone. Visit officialcjallen.com today and proudly display your support for the Georgia Bulldogs!

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